Parking Line Striping services in Ontario


Having a well-marked parking lot or road not only provides a well-maintained and beautiful appearance to your business, but can also significantly reduce confusion and the potential for avoidable accidents. At Prestige Contracting, our professionals have hands-on expertise in paint striping and can provide a quality and well-marked result. From re-striping already existing lines that have faded over the years to striping the entire parking area, we do it all.

Parking lots usually use a commercial grade high-traffic latex paint that is applied using the latest high-tech striping machines. We have the ability to stripe parking lots of any size, from small convenience stores to large retail shopping centers with directional arrows, stop bars and fire lanes.

Why Choose Us?

  • No job is too big or too small for our contractors.
  • We ensure your parking space complies with local codes.
  • We can complete line striping at night with 24/7 availability.
  • We can do custom stenciling for your parking lot.

Our professionals install clearly marked stalls, handicap spaces, and directional arrows that all result in a more efficient and problem-free parking lot. These markings are often essential for maximizing parking lot space and enhancing the flow of traffic.

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