Asphalt Sealing Services in Ontario


Asphalt sealant helps maintain the integrity of blacktop surfaces. Over time, the asphalt cement that holds blacktop together can break down; left long enough, the asphalt will start to crumble or break apart. Sealcoating maintains asphalt’s ability to hold together. It guards the surface against the effects of moisture, oils and ultraviolet rays from the sun that keeps the asphalt from breaking down.

At Prestige Contracting, we specialize in asphalt sealant that fills tiny cracks, repair them and keep them from expanding. This process can keep major cracks and potholes at bay.

We are specialized in asphalt sealing the following spaces:

  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Roads
  • Hotels
  • Commercial spaces
  • Residential premises
  • School outdoors
  • & many more

A freshly sealed driveway or parking lot will have the rich blackness of new asphalt. With regular blacktop sealing, we help your driveway look pristine for years to come. If you are having an asphalt sealing project in mind, feel free to contact us.

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